How do I setup load-balanced servers? [closed]

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I'm new to docker and geard so please bear with me if I'm being stupid.

I am trying to setup a haproxy load-balancer in front of 2-3 jboss and elasticsearch backends. My deploy JSON (also pasted below) is at and all the referenced images are in docker hub. The docker files are at and .

I may have screwed up the haproxy config, although it seems OK to me (@ ).

Am I doing something wrong? How should I go about doing this?

the deployment JSON: { "containers":[ { "name":"haproxy", "count":1, "image":"nipun/haproxy", "publicports":[{"internal":80,"external":6060}], "links":[{"to":"esjb"}] }, { "name":"esjb", "count":2, "image":"nipun/es-jboss" } ] }

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