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How to build own atomic os on Fedora21

asked 2015-05-26 16:59:21 +0000

sujit gravatar image

updated 2015-05-26 17:00:31 +0000

I am trying to build own atomic OS (Fedora atomic OS) . How it is different from building on F20. I am newbie here, Please help me....

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answered 2015-05-29 05:42:23 +0000

sujit gravatar image

Hello sir,

Actually, I am trying to build atomic os with my own package list.(neither updating nor installing image). I want to create .iso of atomic OS. I am using Fedora 21 in my laptop and running given commands on it. I am following command that are given under title "Optional: Create your own Atomic image" on https://github.com/jasonbrooks/byo-at... link. When i ran this command rpm-ostree compose tree --repo=/srv/rpm-ostree/repo fedora-atomic-docker-host.json

it is giving me error excevp : command or directory not found.

can you please tell me , probably what mistakes am i doing in steps.

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Jason's written an updated version of that post, try following the steps here http://www.projectatomic.io/docs/compose-your-own-tree/

nzwulfin ( 2015-05-29 12:35:00 +0000 )edit

answered 2015-05-28 20:53:52 +0000

Not sure what you are trying to build? Are you trying to build an Atomic host and compose tree? Are you trying to develop an app that runs on an Atomic host?

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