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how to take out f21-atomic.qcow file out of cantainer ????

asked 2015-06-01 11:01:47 +0000

sujit gravatar image

Might be, I am asking funny question ... but ..... Question is, I have created my own atomic os on my fedora 21. Now i am in container. I can see f21-atomic.vdi and f21-atomic.qcow files, that are generated by me. But how to take this file out of container ??

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answered 2017-10-11 06:47:53 +0000

ankit12121 gravatar image

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answered 2017-09-28 11:34:46 +0000

hellenjos gravatar image

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answered 2015-06-11 02:15:26 +0000

jasonbrooks gravatar image

From the images directory inside your container, you can run python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 and then out at your host you can curl -O http://$YOURCONTAINERIP/THEIMAGE.qcow2.

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answered 2015-06-08 13:38:36 +0000

It depends on how you built the container but you could exec a bash shell in the running container to see if you have scp to copy it out or to push it into the http tree and pull it that way.

To get a shell in a running container (and not kill the container when you exit:

sudo docker exec -it <containerIdOrName> bash
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answered 2015-06-01 11:03:38 +0000

sujit gravatar image

by taking out .qcow file, I want run this file on virt-manager..

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