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docker exec command not working, it is not able to open bash [closed]

asked 2015-06-25 10:27:31 +0000

sujit gravatar image

[root@localhost byo-atomic]# docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 6c2b1159671e root/atomicrepo:latest "/run-apache.sh" 21 minutes ago Up 21 minutes 80/tcp,>8000/tcp atomicrepo

[root@localhost byo-atomic]# docker exec -it atomicrepo bash [root@localhost byo-atomic]# docker logs atomicrepo Passing arguments to httpd using apachectl is no longer supported. You can only start/stop/restart httpd using this script. If you want to pass extra arguments to httpd, edit the /etc/sysconfig/httpd config file. AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message

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Closed for the following reason question is not relevant or outdated by jzb
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answered 2015-06-29 15:38:08 +0000

jzb gravatar image

Hi - would like to try to help you here, but I'm really not sure what version(s) of Docker or atomic images you're using. We could probably help better if you choose one of the images we're producing and containers from Fedora or CentOS.

See here:




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hi, thanks for your reply. I was using docker 1.5 and exec command was not working. Then i tried docker 1.6 / 1.7.... it is working fine now :D So, it was problem with version only

sujit ( 2015-06-29 17:22:26 +0000 )edit

Ah, OK - then I'll go ahead and close this. Thanks!

jzb ( 2015-06-29 18:25:52 +0000 )edit

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