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Building a Fedora Atomic image

asked 2015-07-16 21:34:13 +0000

tango gravatar image


I was trying to build a Fedora 21 image with Atomic on a Fedora 22 server. After composing the rpm-ostree, I ran the command:

rpm-ostree-toolbox create-vm-disk /srv/rpm-ostree/repo fedora-atomic-host fedora-atomic/f21/x86_64/docker-host my-new-f21-atomic.qcow2

After running for awhile, it exited with the error:

 fusermount: failed to unmount /tmp/rpmostreetoolbox.T5SW1X/mnt: Device or resource busy
 guestunmount: running: fusermount -u /tmp/rpmostreetoolbox.T5SW1X/mnt
 fusermount: failed to unmount /tmp/rpmostreetoolbox.T5SW1X/mnt: Device or resource busy
 guestunmount: failed to unmount /tmp/rpmostreetoolbox.T5SW1X/mnt: fusermount: failed to unmount /tmp/rpmostreetoolbox.T5SW1X/mnt: Device or resource busy
                      USER        PID ACCESS COMMAND
                      root     kernel mount /tmp/rpmostreetoolbox.T5SW1X/mnt
                      root      13213 f.... gjs

 (gjs:13213): Gjs-WARNING **: JS ERROR: Error: Child process ["guestunmount","-v","/tmp/rpmostreetoolbox.T5SW1X/mnt"]: Child process exited with code 2

And no image was created. I followed the instruction from: https://github.com/jasonbrooks/byo-at... Is there any additional setup that I may have missed?

Ton Ngo,

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Ton, I need to update this howto. In the meantime, I suggest you check out http://developerblog.redhat.com/2015/01/15/creating-custom-atomic-trees-images-and-installers-part-2/ for info on atomic image building.

jasonbrooks ( 2015-07-21 21:18:39 +0000 )edit

I've since updated https://github.com/jasonbrooks/byo-atomic

jasonbrooks ( 2016-05-23 21:40:15 +0000 )edit

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answered 2017-11-24 11:49:02 +0000

milanjoy gravatar image

I have gone through the details provided here and found that the problem you have described here. But I didn’t understand that why the image was not created. I think it require some expert clarification. Meanwhile we can check it in some other sites also.http://tabletkings.com/

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answered 2017-10-27 14:25:23 +0000

Building an atomic image is quite tough and takes time to achieve this. I tried to but failed miserably. That's why I came here.

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answered 2017-10-27 14:18:12 +0000

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answered 2017-02-10 12:11:58 +0000

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