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login incorrect on fedora

asked 2015-07-30 04:05:48 +0000

parann0yed gravatar image

I've looked at several docs regarding creating an init.iso. These three in particular:




My meta-data and user-data:

meta-data instance-id: id-local06 local-hostname: test-01

user-data password:mypassword ssh_pwauth: True chpasswd: { expire: False }

sshauthorizedkeys: - ssh-rsa AA... bob@myhostname

Then I generate my init.iso:

genisoimage -output init.iso -volid cidata -joliet -rock user-data meta-data

I read that the fedora 22 image I'm using is expecting a username of "fedora". I try that and my password. I got "Login incorrect".

I try to ssh to the kvm and it gives "permission denied".

Does any one see anything I am doing wrong? The public key I'm using is from my kvm host. Thank you.

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answered 2015-07-30 04:38:20 +0000

parann0yed gravatar image

OK, I went to edit my user-data file and there it was (in part) at the top. My typo of #clould-config vs #cloud-config. I also forgot to increment the instance-id after that change so didn't think that fixed it. Once updated it worked! A question though about selinux. It was on when I first started creating the iso. I set to permissive. If left on I wonder if that would cause issues. I guess more testing will reveal that.

I'm psyched to continue this. Thanks for any feedback.

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