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How can I install vim on Atomic ?

asked 2016-05-25 09:07:04 +0000

stephane_klein gravatar image

How can I install vim on Atomic ? I can't use yum or dnf to install it.

Best regards, Stéphane

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answered 2016-05-25 15:04:36 +0000

In order to install new packages you'd need to build and host a local composed tree that included the vim package.

There is work on adding layered packages, but that is still in development.

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Is there documentation, how to about it ?

stephane_klein ( 2016-05-26 07:39:52 +0000 )edit

http://www.projectatomic.io/docs/compose-your-own-tree/ is the official documentation for creating a new tree. I also found http://developers.redhat.com/blog/2015/01/08/creating-custom-atomic-trees-images-and-installers-part-1/ to be helpful.

callahanca ( 2016-05-29 00:00:04 +0000 )edit

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