Cockpit on Atomic Host - Networking and Storage tabs missing

asked 2016-07-26 08:58:20 +0000

n40lab gravatar image

Hi, I'm just starting with Project Atomic and running centos-atomic-host 7.20160707 using the Vagrant box with libvirt.

I've installed cockpit-ws following the steps at

I log in Cockpit, everything works fine but I miss at leat two tabs Networking and Storage.

image description

URL and shows Not Found confirming that those actions are not available.

These are the contents of the /usr/share/cockpit folder:

ls /usr/share/cockpit/
base1  dashboard  docker  ostree  realmd  shell  system  tuned  users

According to Cockpit's github page ( ) there are more packages than those included in Project Atomic's cockpit folder e.g kubernetes,

Is that the way it should be? may I somehow add support for those actions?

Thanks in advance

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