why docker-storage-setup create a partition on empty disk?

asked 2016-09-23 12:04:09 +0000

c0m0 gravatar image

updated 2016-09-23 12:05:41 +0000

I always wondering, what is the true reason of create a partition on an empty disk that you need to use with LVM.

Some people say on internet that you need to create the partition for aligment reason, this is true, only if you use the planty partition withouth LVM, Some times ago I asked the same question in the LVM irc channel, the answer was that with new versions of lvm, you don't need the partition alignment, because the lvm use internal alignment .

You can prove this using more command on physical volume and look for pe_start:

more /dev/sdb

My question is, If lvm does the alignment of the io, why I need to do the alignment the partition too?

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