Do not work cockpit/ws!

asked 2016-12-16 11:54:07 +0000

jakelizzI gravatar image

Please tell me how to install and run cockpit/ws after installing Atomic Registry!

I am using CentOS Atomic Host on KVM.

First of all, Atomic Registry was installed. Then some containers was used on that host, but now all containers except Atomic Registry and WeaveScope have been deleted. Next I wanted to use cockpit/ws, because I wish everybody in my campany can use Docker.

So i typed `atomic run cockpit/ws' in my console. Installation was success.But cockpit/ws container would not work.

Type docker ps -a

IMAGE       COMMAND                 CREATED         STATUS                      NAMES
cockpit/ws  "/container/atomic-ru"  10 minutes ago  Exited(1)10 minutes ago  furious_kowalevski

Did I make a mistake? Shoud I use different port between cockpit/ws and Atomic Registry? Then, how do i set port of cockpit/ws?

I am not good at English.please excuse my bad english.

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