Deploying Atomic Registry Quick Start redirects to "localhost.localdomain" [closed]

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Following the quick start guide, running Fedora Atomic inside of VirtualBox. After getting to Step 4. Setup, accessing the web console at will end up redirecting to https://localhost.localdomain:8443

I don't see when in the Quick Start guide that mentions how to change this, or is this is expected.

Update: It appears because of the initial run of atomic install projectatomic/atomic-registry-install with the absence of the IP address, the setup defaulted to the localhost

Update 2: How do I change this? Re-running the init script (i.e. atomic install projectatomic/atomic-registry-install does not overwrite the previous configurations. Kubeadm has a reset feature, where is Atomic's reset feature?

Final Update: Just re-install

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