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Atomic Registry How to install 'oc'

asked 2017-01-18 07:57:07 +0000

naisanza gravatar image

After going through the Atomic Registry Quick Start Guide, it starts quoting oc commands, but it isn't installed.

How do I install oc?


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answered 2017-01-19 22:26:17 +0000

I noticed this too. Looks like this is part of OpenShift. https://docs.openshift.org/latest/clireference/basiccli_operations.html

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Is there an "Atomic" way of setting up the system to use? E.g.: `atomic init` The same way Kubernetes is `kubeadm init` Fixed link: https://docs.openshift.org/latest/cli_reference/basic_cli_operations.html

naisanza ( 2017-01-19 22:39:52 +0000 )edit

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