How to install ansible on Fedora Atomic Host

asked 2017-01-31 08:36:34 +0000

Amarin Boonkirt gravatar image

I try to install openshift origin all in one on Fedora Atomic Host 25

My installation step is:

1 atomic host upgrade

# atomic host upgrade

2 Configure selinux

3 install dependencies pakcage

# rpm-ostree pkg-add python-lxml yum-utils wget httpd-tools pyOpenSSL git python-jinja2 ansible

4 Configure inventory file

5 Config Docker selinux

6 run install playbook

# ansible-playbook -vvv -i ~/openshift-inventory ~/openshift-ansible/playbooks/byo/config.yml --timeout=100 --flush-cache

After that i have found issue same as this ticket

The ticket advice me to downgrade ansible version to, But i don't know how to install or downgrade to that version.

Thank you.

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