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Atomic Upgrade causes loss of iSCSI initiator setting

asked 2017-02-02 08:01:59 +0000

wdouglascampbell gravatar image

Using Cockpit on a Fedora Atomic bare metal installation to upgrade the OS. When I do this the /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi file gets changed. This causes the InitiatorName value to change which in turn prevents the Atomic host from connecting to the iSCSI target that it was previously connected.

I thought that all files in /etc were supposed to remain in place and not be overwritten by upgrades. Am I misunderstanding, only partially understanding or is doing the upgrade via Cockpit causing the issue?

Appreciate any help!


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answered 2017-02-03 15:01:20 +0000

wdouglascampbell gravatar image

After further research what I discovered is that if I try to use the default setting for InitiatorName any upgrade will not cause that value to persist. In order to have the value persist I must actually set a new value. Once I set the new value (different from the value in /usr/etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi) then it will persist through upgrades.

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Asked: 2017-02-02 08:01:59 +0000

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