Which is the recommended way to install k8s on atomic 25?

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Dear all, I've been trying to install k8s on f25 for a while now. I succeeded with kubeadm in the past but now it's not available anymore and I'm trying with the ansible scripts in kubernetes contrib. I can setup the base cluster, but the kube-addons.sh script (./deploy-cluster --tags=addons) seems to be seriously misbehaving:

  • python:2.7-slim-pyyaml is not found nor build locally. The error, AFAIR was "/usr/bin/docker-current: manifest unknown: manifest unknown". I had to docker build manually.
  • next the tokens in /etc/kubernetes/tokens are interfering. "error when creating "STDIN": secrets "token-system-logging" already exists"
  • next it keeps failing to create kube-system because it was already created before with: "Failed to start /etc/kubernetes/addons/namespace.yaml in namespace"
  • Finally, once solved the previous errors, the dns started but crashed with "handlers.go:58] Unable to authenticate the request due to an error: crypto/rsa: verification error"

I checked and the dns pod is searching the service account in /var/run/secrets/kubernetes.io/serviceaccount which does not exists in my copy of f25 atomic.

Has anybody succeeded in installing the addons successfully? Is there a way I could use kubeadm again? It was really easy!

Thanks and regards,


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