Atomic Host should display IP address on login screen

asked 2017-06-28 04:48:49 +0000

If a user follows the Quick Start Guide, boots their Atomic Host with the cloud-init ISO attached, they get something like so:

atomic host login screen

The user is supposed to log into the system via SSH, however the IP address is not displayed. The DNS name in the cloud-init ISO may or may not be valid at that point in time. The system does not appear to push its hostname back into DHCP, at least to my router it doesn't.

If the user has access to the DHCP server and the user knows how to administer it, the IP address can be found.

If the user does not have access to the DHCP server, the IP address remains a mystery and the Atomic Host is unable to be accessed.

The Atomic Host should display its IP address on the login screen above, so that users can SSH into it via IP address. This would be a good usability improvement.

I would have logged a bug but the Enter a new bug URL says new bugs have been disabled.

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